tang-IT ARM analysis tools

Command line tools

Command line tools provide flexible and low-overhead access to all ARM data. With the set of tools provided, it is possible to create, view and delete any of the ARM definition data. In addition, there are two tools for querying and exporting measured ARM transactions.

Here is a brief description of the functionality available:

  • maintenance of ARM definitions (transactions, metrics and user)
  • export of transaction data to another backend format
  • query of transaction data using the following constraints for narrowing the result set:
    • transaction name/ID
    • min/max response time
    • from/until start and stop date of transaction
    • transaction status
  • customized ASCII export of transaction data according to format specifiers like printf() calls
  • correlating transactions
ARM query and transaction command line tools
Screenshot 1: ARM query and transaction command line tools

CGI frontend

The CGI frontend for ARM measurement data provides web access to measured ARM application instances and ARM transactions. A typical installation could be that your instrumented application emits the measured ARM data through a specific database backend into (for example) a MySQL database. The CGI retrieves the ARM data through the MySQL frontend interface and provides analysis of the recorded ARM data.

The CGI offers the following possibilities:

  • viewing, deleting and editing of all ARM definitions (application, transaction, metric and user)
  • querying measured ARM transaction and application data
  • refining your query by the following constraints:
    • by transaction/application name
    • by date when the transaction executed
    • by min and max response times
    • by transaction status
  • selecting user defined metrics
  • statistic metrics of response time series
  • correlating transactions
tang-IT ARM: armquery.cgi frontend screenshot
Screenshot 2: tang-IT ARM: armquery.cgi frontend