CGI analysis frontend

armquery.cgi overview

Screenshot 1 gives an overview of how the frame based armquery.cgi is organized. It is divided into a left side which provides forms to compose your queries to the tang-IT ARM system, and the right side where the results of the queries are shown.

The screenshot shows a query based on ARM definitions which are generated through the arm_register_*() calls. The form can be divided into the following stages:

  1. The header with buttons for navigating through definitions or requesting empty input fields where you can type in application and transaction names.
  2. The part of the form describing the current application and transaction.
  3. The part of the form where attributes of transaction instances can be selected to be shown by your query.
  4. The next part of the form allows you to limit and sort the result.
  5. The last part, where you can submit various operations.

On the right side the result of a transaction query is shown. Two transactions with their child transactions are displayed. These are transactions from a deployment of an instrumented version of the apache (1.3) web-server. You can see two HTTP requests with their child transactions and some metric values for HTTP request status and Content-Length of the request web resource.

tang-IT ARM: armquery.cgi frontend screenshot
Screenshot 1: tang-IT ARM: armquery.cgi frontend

armedit.cgi overview

The armedit.cgi program can be used to view, delete and edit ARM definitions of applications, transactions, metrics and users from a web-browser. Screenshot 2 shows two buttons for each of these ARM entities and a list of transaction definitions for a specific application.

tang-IT ARM: armedit.cgi frontend screenshot
Screenshot 2: tang-IT ARM: armedit.cgi frontend