tang-IT ARM: ARM 4.0 agent for Java

The ARM 4.0 standard by The Open Group specifies language bindings for C/C++ and Java programming languages. We support both binding and in this document the Java part is described in more detail.

The ARM 4.0 Java Binding published by The Open Group defines a complete set of Java interfaces to instrument applications to measure performance data. tang-IT ARM implements this API and can be used with any standard conforming instrumented application. This section does not describe the Java interfaces as it is published by The Open Group (see ARM 4.0 Java Binding for a interface description) it describes the concrete implementation and special characteristics of tang-IT ARM for Java.

Optional: Java Native Interface implementation

The current implementation of the ARM 4.0 Java SDK (developed by HP and tang-IT) makes use of an ARM 4.0 C implementation through the Java Native Interface (JNI). Thus, many features and characteristics of the C implementation are available to the Java ARM library. Note that the tang-IT ARM for Java implementation is available as 100% Java implementation without JNI dependencies, giving you the option of true platform independence.