tang-IT ARM: ARM 2.0 agent for C

The ARM 2.0 C binding is one of the oldest and most used ARM APIs. For an easy transition and integration of old ARM 2.0 instrumented applications we provide an ARM 2.0 API wrapper for your real ARM 4.0 C implementation. Therefore any ARM 2.0 instrumented application can be mixed with newly instrumented ARM 4.0 applications.

The ARM 2.0 wrapper supports all features defined by the ARM 2.0 standard and maps it to the appropriate ARM 4.0 concepts. One exception is the ARM metric string 8 type which was dropped in the ARM 4.0 standard. The first string 8 metric type is mapped to an ARM string32 metric type.

But please use the new ARM 4.0 C API for instrumenting new applications. The ARM 2.0 API wrapper only exists for easy transition to the new ARM standard!