tang-IT ARM 30 days trial version

News update: The ARM 4.0 SDK (licensed by HP and tang-IT) is now available for download on The Open Group ARM web site.
Release of our tang-IT ARM trial version had been queued until the release of the ARM 4.0 SDK. We are focused on our ARM product release again now. For all of you waiting for the trial package, we apologize for the delay. Thank you for your patience, we'll keep you informed.

Instructions for download of the upcoming trial package:

You can download and test a trial version of tang-IT ARM which includes an ARM4 implementation for C/C++ and Java language bindings. As tang-IT ARM can be used for very different purposes we provide two different trial versions. Please select the trial version which fits your needs. You have to do the following steps to receive a trial license key:

  1. Select your trial version.
  2. Select your platform.
  3. Download a key request generator program and execute it on the host on which you want to test tang-IT ARM.
  4. Provide your personal data (name, country).
  5. Provide your email address. The license keys will be sent to this email address.
  6. Paste the request ID generated by the key request generator program into the web form.
  7. Submit the key request.

After a few minutes you will receive your 30 days valid license key for tang-IT ARM! That's it! Now select one of the two trial versions:

Trial version 1
ARM4 compliant agent with all features enabled except that only upto 50 transaction instances can be stored in a database.
Trial version 2
Has no limit for transaction storing, only the following restrictions apply:
  • Processes only 1 metric per transaction.
  • Processes only 2 properties per application/transaction instances.
  • Processes only 2 properties per application/transaction definitions.
  • Transaction response time granularity is a 10th of milli-second.