Applications and distributed systems

ARM (Application Response Measurement) is a standard of The Open Group defining interfaces for measuring performance of business applications in terms of transactions and their possible sub-transactions. Here, the current implementation of the ARM 4.0 standard is described briefly.

Current application design tends to be more complex and distributed over networks. This leads to new challenges in today's development and monitoring tools to provide application developers and system and application administrators with the information they need. For this purpose the CMG's (Computer Measurement Group) ARM working group defined the ARM specification which has been adapted by The Open Group as a technical standard starting with ARM 3.0 for Java . Now the ARM working group within The Open Group has moved on to the ARM 4.0 standard which unifies the ARM 2.0 for C and the ARM 3.0 for Java interface standards. It also adds new functionality to better support generic instrumentation, targeting middleware applications and other complex scenarios.